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Colour reflexology

This is a combination of reflexology and colour therapy.

Colour therapy integrates well with reflexology, as they are both holistic treatments, stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes, and treating the whole person body, mind and emotions.  Colour in particular helps balance the emotional aspects of a person as well as the physical condition.

After completing a reflexology treatment on the feet, colour is administered to the reflexes that were found to be either tender or out of balance, as well as to reflexes associated with an ailment that the person may have. Colour is applied through the use of a colour torch, where light is transmitted utilizing stained glass discs and a quartz crystal. Using specially designed colour reflexology lamps, both feet are then treated with the overall colour and its complimentary needed to help the person find and work with the cause of their ailment or imbalance

At the end of the treatment, guidance is given as to how to work with the overall colour and its complementary colour for the next 6 days.

Colour reflexology lasts approximately 75-90 minutes.