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What a client says
“ I cannot thank you enough. I have got my energy back. The colours are really helping.”

Colour therapy

I use coloured light directly applied to the body and aura, carefully chosen, in order to create balance and restore health.

There is a video about me and coloured light therapy on YouTube.

Colour Energy Healing is a very powerful therapy, which has been proved to work again and again. Colour is a wonderful thing and has an amazing power to create harmony of mind, body and soul.

Colour was used for healing in ancient times, but disappeared from mainline medicine with the rise of surgery and drugs. Today the vibrational energies of colour are again being used in orthodox medicine. One example of many is the use of blue light in jaundiced, premature babies. It has been discovered that blue light, penetrating the skin, destroys excess bilirubin that the immature liver cannot handle. This treatment can be given in preference to a blood transfusion.

Each hue of every colour vibrates to its own unique frequency. You, as a human being, are also a being of light, surrounded and interpenetrated by your own electromagnetic field, the aura, which contains the constantly changing energy frequencies of colour. These changing colours are determined by your thoughts, emotions and physical health. 

Disease first appears in the aura as an accumulated mass of stagnant energy that is either devoid of colour, or vibrating to the wrong colour. If this stagnant energy is not eradicated it will manifest as a physical disease.

Introducing a person to the correct colour frequencies works to remove stagnant energy in the aura, stimulate the body’s own healing processes, restore overall balance and give the person a sense of wellbeing. Colour is also used to help a person find and then deal with the cause of any underlying imbalance. This is a vital part of any therapy, for if the cause of the imbalance is not discovered its physical symptoms can recur. When the cause is acknowledged, the person can then decide whether or not to take the steps to deal with it.

What happens when you come for colour therapy with Vivien?

A brief medical history is taken on your first visit. A spinal diagnostic chart is usually prepared to ascertain the overall colour and I will guide you about the colours that will be used. You will be asked to put on a long white cotton gown. This allows colour to be absorbed through the skin and aura without interference from coloured clothes. You lie on a comfortably reclining chair. I usually begin with a specific technique to balance the energies of the chakras, using my hands. Colour is applied through the use of a colour torch, to appropriate areas of the body, as required. Using specially designed colour therapy lamps with stained glass filters, the overall colour and its complimentary are then applied to the whole body. The whole experience is a very relaxing and soothing one. At the end of the treatment, guidance is given as to how to use the overall colour and its complimentary for the next 6 days.

What to expect

People report that the experience of having a colour therapy treatment is very relaxing and enjoyable and promotes feelings of wellbeing and increased vitality. Sometimes people say that that they can feel the vibrations of the colours being administered; others say that they can see the colours with their eyes closed. If you don’t see or feel the colours this doesn’t mean that it isn’t working for you. Because colour affects the whole person and not just the symptoms, there are times when you may feel a little emotional during and after a treatment, as underlying issues rise into the conscious mind. This is because colour affects us on deep levels, and it is part of the healing process.

What can colour therapy be used for?

Colour therapy is a truly wholistic therapy and can be used for a wide variety of problems, whether, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It can also be used  as an over all relaxation therapy or a a general tonic or “pick-me-up”. Because it is gentle and non-invasive it is suitable for everyone including children and the elderly.

You should not see colour as offering merely a physical cure. It can also get to the cause of the illness, which could stem from a long time back and be of an emotional or mental origin. Consequently colour can help to remove mental and psychic blockages and be a catalyst for change, all as part of the healing process.

Please note that colour therapy should not be used to replace medical treatment. If you have a serious medical condition or health concern you must consult your doctor. Colour therapy works very well in conjunction with other therapies and orthodox medicine.

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