Vivien Gibson - the healing power of reflexology and colour therapy
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Association of Reflexologists
What a client says
“ Amazing reflexology has relaxed me physically and made me more mentally alert.”

Talks and workshops

I am available to give talks and workshops on reflexology, hands-on healing, and aspects of colour and colour therapy. Prices vary according to what you require me to do.

Suggested titles for talks

  • Reflexology - stimulating the body's healing powers
  • Reflexology - hands and feet, the mirrors of the body
  • Introduction to reflexology
  • Colour energy for health and healing
  • Energy Healing with the King Technique

Suggested titles for workshops

  • Introduction to reflexology
  • Introduction to the subtle power of colour vibrations
  • You Too Can Heal [energy healing with the King Technique]

Please give me ring on 07970 950 316 or email me if you would like to talk it over.