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What a client says
“ The next day suddenly my ear went "Voosh!" and my hearing was completely restored.”


Your reflexology treatment...really made a difference to me. I slept a lot better and felt a lot more calm and at peace. I look forward to the next session.
Mr A.T., London

I felt terrific after my last appointment with you, by the way. Many many thanks.
Ms M.L., London

I am a whole lot better after seeing you, and the pain has eased a lot and my spirit feels back to normal energy, which is the main thing.
Ms D.T., London

I had an eye twitch in my left eye that had been with me for about six months. In the last two months it had developed into a streaming/constantly-watering eye that had become extremely irritating. I saw Vivien for the first time in the hope to achieve all round improved well-being. The next time I saw her she asked how my eye was and I realised it was completely back to normal, I hadn't even thought about it! Utterly amazing. Already I feel so much calmer, and am looking forward to more treatments. Thanks so much, I am still astonished it has gone away, and amazed that I didn't even realise!
Ms. L.G., London

I would like to tell you how beneficial I found the colour and reflexology treatment. When I came to see you I was in terrible pain in my leg, knee, thigh and calf muscle, I was hobbling along. After the session, the pain had completely gone. Not only that it has not returned...I remain indebted and amazed.
Ms P., London

Amazing reflexology has relaxed me physically and made me more mentally alert.
Mr. P., London

I have received a number of excellent reflexology and colour healing treatments from Vivien, who has helped me immensely to cope with the stresses of life and considerably improved my poor circulation. She is tuned-in, caring and a wonderful practitioner whom I highly recommend to anyone that wishes to experience the benefits of her expertise.
Ms. C., London

I had a very longstanding problem in my right ear: it was very deaf and had been for about six months. I did not expect anything remarkable from my treatment from Vivien - just a restful experience. She used a colour on the ear to deal with the problem. The next day suddenly my ear went "Voosh!" and my hearing was completely restored.
Mr G., London

I cannot thank you enough. I have got my energy back. The colours are really helping.
Ms. A.S., London